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I'm Swedish, but I'll do this in English in order to make it as clear as possible. I had braces before, and my teeth where kept in place with a metal bar on the backside of my 4 front teeth. At one point during corona it came off, and started a move of my teeth. It was glued back by dentist in Sweden in order to stop it from moving, but they have kept moving. I also had an accident when I was a kid where I lost one my central incisors, and instead they moved one of my lateral incisors into the center and built with porcelain on top of it. Anyway. What has happened is that tooth 1 on the picture now is pushing and squeezing on tooth 2, which is my lateral incisor with porcelain. I need some kind of tooth regulation that straightens them and make them even again without putting pressure on tooth 2, which I assume is more fragile because of my history. Tusind tak!
Oprettet 03.05.2021
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