Personal Photoshoot for Social Network / Personal use - Outdoor

I am writing to inquire about the price of a 2-hour outdoor personal photography session in Copenhagen, with different changes of clothes (1-3) and at least two locations. I am looking for around 9-15 edited photos as output, including a "post-session" of photo editing "light retouch" to smooth imperfections. I would also appreciate a brief "pre-session" call to discuss how to prepare for the photoshoot (suggested outfits, style, and DOs and DONTs, etc.). My goal is to have a playful session, capturing memories of myself that I can share on my personal social media with very selected circles. I have never done a personal photoshoot before, and I am excited to get one! I am 39, but people generally say I look 5-7 years younger. Please let me know the price of this session, including VAT, for a target of 9-15 pictures included and with the elements above mentioned (pre and post session). I would also be grateful if you could share some examples of your work for similar projects. Finally, I would like to keep these photos private and do not want them to be published online. I hope you can understand. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards,
Oprettet 12.10.2023
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